​"I can't say thanks enough for the financial support that we have received. We didn't expect it and never even thought about it. It' really going to help us try to rebuild our home and start again...I want people to know how great the REACH program is and hope that other that aren't a part of it will get behind it and give because I am sure there are a lot of other folks who are going to need it in the future." 

Jim R. - LaCygne

"We want to thank you all for agreeing to give us a hand up and not a hand out as we like to call it!  I don't know if we will ever be able to thank you all enough, but we would like to say "Thank You" and let you all know that the financial support you provided was greatly appreciated! "I would like to share that the REACH Program is a wonderful program.  It lightens our hearts to know that it was started to help other members of the family in strenuous times or an unexpected tragedy."  

Robert, Jennifer, and Christina L.

"If it wasn't for the employee REACH fund program, I don't know what I would have done."

Camela C. - 2009 Receipient

"It helped take a strain off the family. I'm glad they were there and I wish more people would sign up for it."

Dwayne D. - 2010 Recipient

"I've been giving to REACH for years, so it made me feel so good to know they give help when it's needed."

Angela G. - 2011 Recipient

"Recently, our family was hit with the tragic loss of our 13-week-old son, Hudson. REACH provided financial assistance to help us tackle mounting medical bills and also provided financial assistance with his passing. The REACH help was invaluable and allowed our family to get through that tough time. Knowing that coworkers and friends are all there for each other means a lot, and REACH is a testament to that. I can't thank all of you enough who donated your time and money to REACH and helped us in this trying time. Thank you!"

Hollie S. - 2014 Recipient

"When I first heard about REACH, I thought it was an excellent program, but it wasn’t the time for me to contribute even though it stayed on my mind that I should do that. The next year, I stepped out on faith and signed up for payroll contribution. The following year, I assisted in the campaign and upped my payroll amount. I did it because it seemed the right thing to do, and we are family here at KCP&L and family helps family when they can. I always thought that could be me who would be in need one day, and wouldn’t it be a blessing to have some place to get help when all other resources failed. That one day came for me out of the blue. I was embarrassed to ask REACH for help at first, but I thought – why not? The worst that could happen was they would not approve my request, but they did. I owe a debt of gratitude to REACH for helping me in my time of need. They have earned their wings to Heaven as far as I’m concerned. Think about contributing and not because you expect something from them but because you expect to give someone else a blessing."

Anonymous – REACH Recipient


"Hello. Recently, my KCPL family donated money and REACH matched the donation. My family and particularly the boys of my beautiful sister wanted to thank REACH for this donation. Thanks to my family, friends, KCPL and REACH the boys did not have to pay for their mother's funeral. We are sincerely grateful for the overwhelming but needed support."

Gwen W. - REACH Recipient