2016 Accomplishments...


Board Members

 Joe Medina- Chairman

Roger Steiner -Director
Edward Anderson - Director (Local 412)
Chad Little - Director (Local 1464)

Randy Hamann - Treasurer

Julie Welch - Secretary (Local 1613)
LaShawnda Childress - Administrative Chairman
Elizabeth Lauer - Special Events Chairman
Amy Keith-Dodd - Fundraising Chairman

Contact Us:

  • Held successful REACH cookouts at HQ and F&M.  Thanks to all participants and Pat Koury and his team for cooking!!
  • Successfully conducted June Fundraising month.  The board and other volunteers gave around 100 presentations across the company with the following successful results:

  • Increased employee participation rate from 36% to 37.4% (35 New REACH Contributors)

  • A total of 22 current REACH contributors increased their donation amount.
  • Raised more than $4,700 for REACH through raffle ticket sales.

--Thank you to all current and new contributors to REACH!!--

  • IT department held a “Ballpark Bash” event on behalf of REACH and increased the amount donated to REACH by 25% as compared to 2015.  Thanks to all volunteers!!

  • Raytown call center held another successful car wash on behalf of REACH.  Thanks to all volunteers!!
  • The board has completed the REACH logo update/improvement project that also included updating our website.  Thanks to Debbie Froelichfor the creative input on the design change!!  Thanks to Phynice Kelleyfor her IT support on our website update!!